About the portal

This Regional Climate Change Portal was designed within the scope of the ISLANDS project of the Indian Ocean Commission, financed by the European Union.

This portal endeavors to be a reference tool on climate change related issues in the South West Indian Ocean area as well as on actions taken regarding adaptation and mitigation.

It aims at:

  • Collecting and stocking data

This Regional Portal makes it easier to stock, manage and spread data, information and knowledge on climate, the effects of climate unbalance, as well as adaptation and mitigation measures. It is also designed to collect missing data, necessary to build climate resilience. As a new, open and participative tool, the Climate Change Portal helps to make more data and solid information – compiled by national, regional and international actors – approachable. As such, it also facilitates decision making, based on proofs in a context of rising uncertainty.


  • Popularizing, informing and raising awareness

Climate Change is a global challenge which matters to both states and international organisations as well as islanders, who are the first affected by its effects. Also, the Regional Climate Change Portal fulfills an instructive function by assuring data and information accessibility and presenting the ongoing projects. It moreover has another function, a popularizing one, since the main climate-related issues are made more intelligible.


  • Promoting best practices, projects and initiatives

States, local communities, economic operators, associations or even regional institutions, implement actions of adaptation or mitigation on climate unbalance effects. Several initiatives are presented, promoted and enhanced on the portal. Indeed, sharing best practices, innovative solutions and successful experiences can have a positive impact on political decision making as well as on specific challenges faced by Western Indian Ocean.


  • Making users more involved in climate-related topics

This portal provides space to share knowledge, collaborate and provide users with easy access to useful information. It also helps spreading best practices while keeping track of the data and information collected in the region. This is a genuine regional community made of experts, technicians, politics and curious people which is being created. Indeed, the portals gives the opportunity to discuss, share and take part in ongoing or coming actions, especially through the spaces dedicated to job opportunities.



This portal is yours : make your contribution !

The Regional Climate Change Portal of the South West area of the Indian Ocean claims to be collaborative and the various actors of the region can suggest contents (data, articles, information, job advertisement…) by clicking here.